“The portable unit turns the taste of the yucky London water back to good in about 4 passes through my new Portable Unit. It’s way better drinking the structured water than what I’ve been drinking.”

-Rhoda B., London

“I’m happy with the Natural Action Water House Unit system. So far, the water is obviously more oxygenated coming out of the tap and the water feels very different in the tub. My daughters have both noticed the better taste…I’ve noticed a better harmony in our house as well.  Also, the neighbor noticed how good the structured water tasted and wanted to come over for a bath.”

-Eric S., South Dakota

“My thoughts and response to the amazing structured water baths- A true and miraculous healing tool for internal and external health issues. I am a long time sufferer of Lupus and it has become very extreme and painful this last year. I am a fighter, but I could feel myself losing the battle from this nightmare disease. I treat myself holistically in every way possible, but had never heard of this water device.

The first time I used the Natural Action unit, it was shocking to see the amount of toxin being pulled from my body. I had to fill my tub twice to clear what was being released.  I can only describe it as metallic toxin and not organic in nature. It gives me huge relief from the joint and nerve pain and I can see my skin changing to a healthier color. I can’t express the gratitude I feel for being able to experience something soothing, calming, and pain-releasing…thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Karen S., Michigan

“I walked in on Clayton’s talk on the energy of water seemingly randomly and within minutes like many others in the room became mesmerized by what this man was sharing about the energy of seemingly simple and everyday water. I became so fascinated that I bought a handheld structured water device within a few hours and immediately began to test and understand the power of these novel devices in the months following in my health practice with many patients.

Like many practitioners of acupuncture, chiropractic, and nutritional/herbal techniques, I have searched the world studying and practicing, good health with many amazing practitioners and patients in depth.

Immediately with the structured water devices, we noticed improved flavor changes to many liquids. More interestingly, all kinds of Chiropractic test points like…ICV, yeast, and allergy points instantly improved without any adjustments, needling, herbs, etc…just a glass of structured water!

Standard applied kinesiology tests, that so many ill patients come up weak on, improved significantly as to start regulating the whole autonomic nervous system – one goal of any health practitioner…again, just from a glass of structured water!

We did other tests. For example, normally, most wines, beers, and colas weaken one. After just one pass thru the device, instantly, we saw these muscle tests improve back to strong and even pulses balanced or went closer to balance!

The clincher was when we tested Coca-Cola on a patient with a recurrent skin rash. Coca-Cola, their favorite drink, placed under their tongue, instantly weakened them and also made pulses even more imbalanced.

But after one pass of the Coca-Cola thru the structured water device and the patient drinking the Coca-Cola, we were startled to find the patient holding significantly stronger than the patient’s baseline test indicated and the pulses closer to balance! Coca-Cola as food? Who would believe it?

When Clayton states in his flyer, “Structured water should be one of the first ”prescriptions” suggested to an individual who is seeking to mitigate a chronic condition”, you can believe it.

I would like to thank Clayton Nolte for developing these structured water devices for everyone’s health…They are simply amazing, powerful, and for a lifetime.

Though taken for granted everyday, there is much to understand about the powerful influence of water. Because simply, water can either empower us or weaken us…

Scientist David Schmidt when asked, ”What are meridians made of?” Meridians are not made of collagen or muscle tissue, they are actually made of water; strings of charged water droplets, actually water molecules with charged ions such as calcium and magnesium. The water molecules line up in these very fine threads, which are charged electrical particles (electrolytes), and these meridians vibrate like a string.

Dr. Shui Yin Lo has shown how water can direct the Qi of the body thru the structured flow of energy in the body.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown us so many things about the dynamic power and intelligence of water Even the sages have taught us, that of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) the wise men would take the wisdom of water as their sage because in the end water will win, witness the Grand Canyon.

Master Chinese Herbalist Dr. Zhi Chen Guo shares with his herbal students and in his book, Body Space Medicine, to find the fluid/water blockage when helping patients because he knows this is a key to improving health.

The book, Your Bodies Many Cries for Water…shows us how important the need for enough water is in our bodies…And now, through structured water, we know how important the quality of our water is also.

When you just stop, and start to realize the value of structured water, as most know, our bodies are almost 80 percent water…Now, are we listening?

These structured water devices are helpful to anyone, anywhere, anytime,..at home or while travelling and are the foundation of a solid healthy life.

As you think of drinking plain water, making smoothies, coffee, or other drinks, now, think of instantly and easily, improving naturally the flavor and strengthening simultaneously your internal body energetics through these Natural Action structured water devices.”

-Tim N. Toula, Spain 09/2011.
Certified Korean Hand Therapist
B.E.S.T. & NET Practitioner
TCM Acupuncturist/Herbalist

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